A collaboration between Giuseppe Caramanico and Rocco Di Girolamo in 1990 saw the formation of Didor Italia srl.

The company makes cylindrical cardboard tubes for use in the production of reinforced concrete columns.

Didor Italia srl carries out its activities in an area of 5000 square metres, of which 1500 square metres are dedicated to the production and storage of produced materials and 400 square metres are dedicated to administrative and commercial activities.

The experience and professionalism of the company are recognised not just throughout Italy but also in the many European countries where Didor Italia srl has been successfully exporting their products for some time.

The company employs dedicated production workers, employees with administrative functions and truck drivers who use the company’s own transport to deliver the goods produced.


P. Iva : 01837510690

Via Canale, 80 - 66010 TORREVECCHIA TEATINA (CH)

Phone: 0871 - 362528 | Fax: 0871-362529
Administrative Manager: 335-6055416