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Didor’s formwork are tubes of a diameter from 15 to 120 cm that can be used to make pillars of up to 15 metres in height. These tubes can substitute the more traditional timber shuttering which, besides being much more expensive, require a greater use of manpower.

This type of cylindrical formwork, is in fact, much easier to use and install than timber, requiring a simple cut with a hand or circular saw to achieve the desired height. They can also be easily removed with either a vertical cut on one side of the pillar, or by tearing without the need to take any special care.

They therefore eliminate the need to use nails, clean boards, remove props or other common tasks required when using wooden shuttering. Pillars made from the Didor formwork are perfectly smooth and pleasing to the eye.

Didor’s cylindrical tubes resist hydrostatic pressure exerted from concrete without any problem and without requiring any special additives. They can be filled quickly, in relation to the time needed by the installation process and allowing for the vibration of the concrete itself.

To improve solidification, Didor formwork can be left in contact with the structure for a long time.

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